Once you register you will receive a second packet with detailed instructions, but to give you a preview....

If You're Camping

The Long Dance experience includes an opportunity for some camping during the days leading up to the all night ceremony.  It is certainly not required for you to camp out, but lots of sisters and brothers find that it is fun, with lots of additional opportunities for community building, service, teachings and ceremonies including additional sweat lodges besides the sweats offered during the Long Dance itself.  Please note that you must take down and stow all camping gear prior to the Long Dance itself, so be prepared to take down your camp on Saturday afternoon.  If you have questions, you may always feel free to ask and someone will get back to you shortly with the info you need. 

For Everyone

In the meantime, PLEASE READ the information you will receive which you need to print out and read thoroughly in order to prepare for the Long Dance events.  As is the case for all ceremony, the journey begins when you decide to go and all your preparations and actions between that decision and the actual start of the ceremony itself are all part of your ceremonial experience.  We encourage you to take a sensible, practical and reverent approach to preparing for this highlight of our spiritual year, our beautiful Long Dance ceremony.

Once you register you will electronically receive a packet of information with greater details about what to bring, directions to the site, where to park, and a schedule of events.  (If you need this snail mailed to you, we can make that happen too, but we greatly prefer to use email from this year forward.)  A check list is provided once you register, and we have also indicated some of the basic items below to make it easier for you to get ready.  Also, do be sure to make child care and pet care arrangements, as no children or animals are permitted at the Dance. 

Please be sure to note we must all be concerned with the basics of safety, sanitation, provisions, Village Building, Take Down and all the practical details of having 120 - 150+ people in a campsite for 4 days.  Long Dance is a beautiful and fun event and you will of course have plenty of time for serious contemplation, Beauty Way and deep connection with your sisters, brothers and Elders.

Partial Checklist

  • Comfortable layered clothing, plus a skirt or dress which is required for Long Dance
  • Masks, drums, rattles, face paint, songs, stories
  • Blanket for warmth
  • Towel for the Sweat Lodge
  • Water, food, beverages, reusable utensils, cup and plate
  • Sunscreen and hat
  • Umbrella
  • Chair
  • Potluck offerings to share for Thursday and Friday
  • Ribbon for the Willow Pole
  • A gift for the Giveaway Blanket on Sunday
  • Art, crafts, services to sell or barter at the Trade Circle on Saturday
  • a donation of a good used dark blanket for Moon Lodge, Sweat Lodge or charity

Remember that everything you bring in, including trash and recycling, you take out.  And please remember our cardinal rule: Leave it better than you found it.

Check our newsletter archive for Special Edition Long Dance Newsletters # 1, 2 & 3 for more helpful details!

Thank you!  Gracias!  Matiox Chawe!  Mahalo Nui Loa!  Merci!  Danke Schoen!  Xie Xie Ni!   Asanteni!

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